2019 SCI Blues Challenge: Boogie to Beale

Best Self-Produced Blues CD Contest Rules

Best Self-Produced Blues CD Official Rules

The SCI Blues Society's competition for the Best Self-Produced Blues CD is open to any Blues performer or act from Indiana or bordering states (within 250 miles of Nashville, IN) whose name has never appeared on a final Blues Music Award ballot (formerly the Handy Award).  The performer or act may not have already qualified for 2020 IBC's Best Self-Produced Blues CD category through another affiliate.   

  •  Compilations albums are not eligible.

  • The eligibility period is the same as for the Blues Music Awards.  The submitted CD must have been released during November 1, 2018 – October 31, 2019 time frame.

  • A CD issued in the name of an otherwise eligible performer which also includes the contributions of a Blues Music Award nominee may be ineligible, depending on the extent of the contribution.

  • A CD on a record label that has been previously nominated for a Blues Music Award (formerly the W.C. Handy Blues Award) shall not be eligible for this competition.

  • Recordings with established or “known” producers within the industry are eligible as long as the recording is on the artist’s independent label and NOT on an established blues label.

  • Singer, band, society or local producer may produce the actual CD as long as the performer is a singer, band or other individual entity.

  • Judges will evaluate the following points. The criteria are in order of importance.

  1. Blues Content (is this a Blues Music recording)

  2. Musical Performance (Musicianship)

  3. Audio Quality of the Presentation (Production Values, Levels)

  4. Cover Art and Design (Professional Packaging, Ready for the rack at your favorite music outlet?)

  5. Credits and Liner Information. (Informative, Professional)

  • Submissions MUST be in our office by October 7, 2019.  Mail CD and the entry form to South Central Indiana Blues Society, P.O. Box 2059, Nashville, IN 47448.

  • Finalists are NOT required to attend IBC.

  • The SCI Blues Society's winner of Best Self-Produced Blues CD competition is automatically entered into the IBC's Best Self-Produced Blues CD category.

See full rules on the Blues Foundation website.

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